As a restaurant owner, there are some unfortunate situations you’re inevitably going to face—and a bad review is definitely at the top of the list.

Many managers understand that negative feedback is a reality they face regularly, but many may not know that resolving the situation can be much easier than they think. Believe it or not, restaurant operators actually have multiple options for combating unflattering online reviews—ignoring the problem isn’t one of them.


1. Address customer complaints in a genuine, sincere and timely manner

Customers are the driving force behind your entire business, and they need to be respected as such. Negative feedback is never easy to embrace, but if you want your business to thrive, you need to be open to change.

Making excuses, getting defensive, and turning your cheek are unproductive and ineffective ways to address customer concerns, especially if you want them to return. Instead, try opening up the channels of communication using interactive technology like TUKU®’s TableTalk®. This instant feedback platform allows customers to rate their dining experience using their smartphones, while they are still in the restaurant. That information will be sent directly to the restaurant manager in real time, which enables restaurant staff to mediate any issues before the diner leaves unhappy and dissatisfied.

Customers want to know you genuinely care and value their business. There is no better way to ensure they understand how much you appreciate their support than encouraging open and truthful communication.


2. Be proactive with your online presence

You don’t have to take a reactionary response to customer satisfaction. There are many ways you can build a positive online reputation by simply engaging your customers sooner.

That being said, the easier it is to connect with your business, the greater the chances of customer participation. TableTalk® technology provides an easy and accessible platform for instant, direct customer feedback. This is useful to restaurant owners because the more positive reviews your business accumulates, the less each negative review is weighed by search engines. Essentially, you can easily bury one bad review with many positive reviews. Which is why it never hurts to be proactive.


3. Learn from your mistakes

Speaker, author and consultant, Denise Lee Yohn once said, “There’s a growing body of evidence that shows great service recovery actually converts customers into more loyal and profitable ones. So a negative review represents a brand-building opportunity.”

As a business owner, you are likely to encounter challenges, that’s certain. The most important thing about managing a profitable company is finding the tools necessary to gain insight, and then utilizing that information to drive your operations moving forward.


Your customers are your greatest source of information, so why not listen to them?

TableTalk® technology allows you to gather vast amount of customer insight to preemptively identify any organizational issues before it’s too late. Ideally, the changes you make will ensure the satisfaction of current and future customers.

It is way more complicated, expensive and time-consuming to attempt to recruit new customers than it is to retain existing diners. Any type of critical feedback you receive should be considered a chance to prove that you thoughtfully consider and embrace all customer feedback—which is a pivotal step to converting casual diners into regular customers.

Brand loyalty stems from mutual respect and customer satisfaction. If you want to develop a base of loyal consumers, you need to make their satisfaction your number one priority. Customer insight is the foundation of a successful and profitable restaurant, so engage your customers, utilize their feedback, and provide exceptional service accordingly.


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