3 Surprising Facts About Generation Z


Generation Z. They are the first generation born in the digital age, and these young consumers are challenging some long-held retail truths – but not in the way you would expect. Here are the three most surprising facts about Gen Z.

1 – They want to shop IRL (in real life).

Despite the alleged “death of malls”, Gen Z actually loves shopping in real life – to the tune of 98%. Being a little inexperienced, it makes sense that this young generation still likes being able to touch and try before they buy. They are not the mall rats of previous generations, but they definitely still appreciate the fun of shopping with friends.

2 – They don’t want to follow your trends.

This is a generation of trendsetters with 77% of Generation Z preferring unique products over popular ones. Which is why personalization is so important with this group – they expect websites to communicate with each other, they want a more seamless experience. The retail experience still needs to catch up to these newcomers.

3 – They want you to make the boring parts easier.

If you ask Gen Z, 66% of them will tell you that you should add self-checkout and anything else that can make the “boring” parts of a shopping trip more efficient and enjoyable. Once that is accomplished, 75% of Generation Z wants retailers to provide engaging in-store experiences. Essentially, nothing is out of bounds when reinventing retail for Gen Z.


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