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Your customers have more to say than you know.

TableTalkTM uses contactless mobile technology to initiate in-the-moment dialogue between restaurant guests and operators, delivering customer feedback in real-time while communicating vendor promotions.

Through TableTalkTM, restaurant owners and managers can bridge the divide between physical and digital customer engagement to facilitate a more effective guest satisfaction strategy.


Keep negative customer feedback between you and your guests. Eliminate damaging social media comments and reviews. TableTalkTM significantly increases response rates over traditional receipt-based restaurant customer feedback surveys, allowing you to make it right in-the-moment.

Dramatically increases your response rate

TableTalkTM customer feedback improves issue recovery, increases loyalty, and prevents attrition, all leading to increased revenue. TableTalkTM‘s detailed analytics identifies service, quality, and operational challenges for improved efficiency and for training, motivating, and incenting staff.


Invite your guests to connect and check in with the tap of their phones. Collect loyal customer emails to expand email marketing campaigns. TableTalkTM engages customers no matter how busy things get, and bridges the divide between physical and digital customer engagement activities when it matters most – when they are sitting in the restaurant.


Turn traffic into revenue-generating clickable impressions. TableTalkTM is a mobile engagement channel for restaurant specials and vendor promotions. From new menu items to interactive content, TableTalkTM keeps your customers coming back.

How It Works


Guests tap or scan discreet activation tags at the table.
Guests interact with a unique browser-based mobile experience.

Managers receive instant feedback for in-the-moment recovery.


Delivers restaurant customer feedback in real-time so you can correct problems while guests are still in your establishment.

Fully Managed
We take care of implementation and training of staff, incorporating your branding and delivering on your specific business needs. No additional IT resources required.

Mobile Browser Based
It’s not an app. Works with all customer smartphones and staff devices. No costly hardware required.

Access Point Creation and Logistics
Discrete table-specific activation tags (NFC, QR , Short URL). Multi-language support.

Contextual Content
Real-time remote content management to update the experience across each activation tag. Supports restaurant and vendor promotions, coupons, contests, and interactive games.

Data and Insights
Actionable, table-specific insights help you capture ongoing sentiment. Identify problems for continuous improvement and growth.

Dynamic and tailored to your business needs to boost engagement before and after the dining experience.

POS Integration
POS Integration-capable to work with your existing restaurant management systems.

Tap into the only platform that lets you boost customer feedback while promoting vendor brands. Schedule a demo today.

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